Becoming a partner-installer

When you become a Rematek Energy partner-installer you can count on our support and help in the sales and marketing of your services. You can also order online and save time!
Rematek Energy will help you design and even test solar or wind power systems to make sure these meet your clients’ needs and expectations – no matter the size of the project.
You will also benefit from our referral service which will put you in contact with businesses and individuals looking for help regarding renewable energy.

Certification program

Should you wish to join our growing network of partner-installers, Rematek Energy will ask that you sign up for its certification program , to familiarize yourself with its products and their installation methods.

For more information, see the documents below (pdf format):
Partner-installer training program
Sales terms and conditions
Credit application form
Opening an account

We can also offer you tailor-made training to help you update or complete your renewable energy skill set.
Lastly, each year (usually in early spring), we hold a two-day conference for our partners. The event serves to establish direct links between our clients and some of our suppliers by showcasing their new product offerings.

Questions? Need more information?

Government funding and incentives for renewable energy

Are you based in Canada? Find out about the various range of government support and funding programs available. Analysis of your project may allow us to help you in this matter. Ask our Customer services for more information.