Services for commercial, industrial and institutional sectors

Rematek Energy offers businesses and organizations in commercial, industrial and institutional sectors a wide range of professional services. From consulting services through to full operational services by way of production, storage and the management of renewable energy sources, we can offer the kind of collaboration that meets your specific needs.
In addition to being the biggest distributor of renewable energy material in Eastern Canada, we also have the most extensive network of installer partners in this territory. But that’s not all we offer: our seasoned professionals are also here to provide the necessary support– whether it be at one key stage or throughout the project development lifecycle.
The choice is yours

Turnkey solutions

With our turnkey solution—unusual in the renewable energy market—we take charge of all stages of the project, from feasibility assessment to system maintenance following installation and commissioning. The unparalleled synergy of a unified team with a proven track record will ensure the smooth transition from one stage of the project to the next.

  • Feasibility study: Evaluation of energy production capability, accurate cost estimates and financial projections
  • Engineering: Drawing up of mechanical, electrical and structural plans plus coordination with the local distribution company (e.g. Hydro-Québec) for connection
  • Procurement: Procurement of materials directly from our distribution centre
  • Project Management: Coordination of construction activities and materials deliveries to site
  • Construction: System installation and commissioning through our network of installer partners, plus generation of test reports
  • Training: Educating client on key aspects of system
  • Maintenance: Remote monitoring of system operations, performance reports, troubleshooting and management of repairs, as needed

Client Support Service

If you would like to entrust the installation of your system to a team in your own network while at the same time benefiting from the expert advice of seasoned professionals, opt for our Client Support Service. It will ensure the development of a sustainable, well-structured and expertly-planned project by providing your installers with our experts’ guidance during crucial stages of the process.

Feasibility Study: Evaluation of energy capacity, preliminary cost estimate and creation of financial projections

Plans and Specifications

  • Generation of mechanical, electrical and structural plans and specifications
  • CContribution to drafting of requests for proposals
  • Development of a detailed project timeline
  • Participation in evaluation of received bids

Project management:

  • Production of periodic work reports, per schedule
  • Participation in work site meetings and approval committees
  • Coordination of quality control process
  • Carrying out of testing and inspections

Training : Educating client about key aspects of system

Maintenance : Remote monitoring for system operations, creation of performance reports, troubleshooting and management of repairs, as needed

Consulting Services

If you are mainly looking for expert advice, you can also take advantage of our depth of knowledge and wide breadth of expertise by choosing our Consulting Services. It will give you access to two things that set us apart from the competition: our analytical expertise and our ability to maximize both the energy output and return on investment of your project.
We have contributed to more than 10 000 projects across Canada, in Mexico and the Caribbean, as well as in Africa. We recognize that each project is unique, which is why you need to be able to rely on a company with a depth of knowledge that is equally unique

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Government funding and incentives for renewable energy

Are you based in Canada? Find out about the range of government support and funding programs available. Analysis of your project may allow us to help you in this matter. Ask our Customer services for more information !