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Rematek Energy goes beyond offering you the best products available–we can also help you prepare proposals, design systems that meet your clients’ needs (and budgets) or select the best parts and products for the job.

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Renewable energy training and certification program

Rematek Energy offers partner-installers a variety of training sessions to help you improve increase your knowledge of renewable energy and enhance your skill set. These are provided in partnership with Stardust Solar, a leader in the field of solar systems. All classes are presented by highly experienced trainers (in French in Quebec). Some sessions are mandatory for new installers wishing to become part of our partner network.

Referral Program

We systematically transfer to our installation partners all requests from potential customers in their vicinity thanks to our automated referral program. Every day, requests from individuals interested in renewable energies are thus redirected to the appropriate installation partner.

The Partner Plus Program

The Partner Plus program allows installers and Rematek-Energy to collaborate more closely on large-scale projects, thereby increasing the joint volume of business. By relying on our engineering expertise, our partners can meet challenges of all sizes. And for Rematek-Energy, we will be able to develop more opportunities everywhere by relying on the installation expertise of our installation partners.

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More than 200 active clients, including 100 partner-installers

Our partner-installers form a network of competent and reliable professionals covering all of Eastern Canada.