Central Bank of
Guinea (Kindia)


April 2018 to April 2019


Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of a roof-top solar system – 120kW
EPC of a 120kWh energy storage system (Lithium-type batteries)
Local worker training and supervision


Guinea’s Central Bank wished to reduce its dependence on the nation’s electricity grid (EDG), because the voltage was unstable and the network was subject to almost daily shortages – despite extremely high rates. The Bank also wanted to reduce its dependence on using diesel-powered generators. Rematek Energy had to devise a very sophisticated control system to tap into four energy sources, in the following order: solar power, storage system, EDG grid, and diesel generators. Furthermore, the system had to be installed and commissioned without disrupting in any way the central bank’s operationsthat which are vital to the country’s economy.


Guinea’s Central Bank can now count on a FREE supply of electricity that is not only reliable but also stable and that rarely connects to the national energy grid. Local workers have also acquired key skills given the country’s energy situation.