Caserne du Lac Mégantic


March 2022 to May 2023


Partner-installer : BC Électrique
Mechanical engineering: Opsun Systems
Project engineering: WSP
General contractor: Concrea


Our client Hydro-Québec commissioned us to propose a turnkey solution to improve the performance of a project previously developed by another firm.

A combination of factors explains the performance of our project at the Lac Mégantic barracks. We know that energy performance is often the result of a combination of solutions, and that it’s often at the preliminary analysis stage that a high-performance solution is developed.


The main challenge was our ability to distinguish ourselves from other installations previously built in the same city that didn’t produce electricity efficiently.

It was therefore an opportunity to show Hydro-Québec that, with solar PV solutions, it’s possible to produce energy, even during winter.

Three factors made the difference:

1) The use of bifacial solar panels which offer :

  • greater energy capture with the same roof surface
  • greater performance in winter, as snow is cleared off the panels guaranteeing full capture of the solar energy

2) A support system better adapted to Canadian climate. A simple detail that makes all the difference: the panels have been raised 18 inches from the roof, providing the necessary space
snow between rows, once again optimizing the full capture of solar energy.

3) An energy storage system that enables the customers to reduce their peak loads, while helping Hydro-Québec to reduce demand on its network during peak periods.


With the right equipment and optimized design, it was possible to increase solar production by more than 30% compared to other nearby installations.

The success of such a project is the result of teamwork as well as our Partenaire Plus program.

Many thanks to our partners on this project, especially to installer BC Électrique du Lac Mégantic for its
collaboration and high-quality installation, and Opsun Systems of Quebec
for designing the best support system optimized for Canadian climates.

At Rematek Energy, we love a good challenge.
Every project is unique, and with the right analysis, there are ingenious ways of improving the energy performance of the projects entrusted to us.