Greenball – A Kimball project


January 2022 to April 2023


Installer : RCI Energies de Mexico SA de CV
Engineering: Badillo Construcciones
Engineering : RCI Energies de Mexico SA de CV
Mechanical Engineering : Unirac


Rematek Energy is in the process of completing a commercial grid-tied Solar PV project in Reynosa, Mexico. The electronics manufacturer Kimball challenged five companies to maximize their electricity savings through a solar PV installation. The company wanted to show leadership in its industry and to its employees and customers by demonstrating its commitment to the development of cleaner energy. With a budget of 300,000 USD, we had to come up with the most effective turnkey solution to win the bid.


We prepared three scenarios. The first scenario was to install the maximum number of solar carports. This was the initial approach requested by the client given the great visibility it offers.
The second approach was to consider the installation of bifacial solar panels on the roof of the building. This approach caught our client’s attention as it doubled the energy production of the first scenario. Rematek has mastered the technology of bifacial solar panels for several years now, but this represents a new approach in Mexico and our client quickly realized the benefits of taking advantage of a better solar capture.
The third scenario appealed to our client Kimball because it uses the idea of bifacial solar panels on the roof, with a small portion of the budget set aside to add a two-car solar carport near the entrance of the building. Kimball’s commitment to the project is evident in the visibility of the use of renewable energy in their building and the energy efficiency of the project.


Our client appreciated our integrated approach which combines engineering, complete supply of materials and management of the installation to provide a full turnkey service. One of the issues identified, given the high winds in the region, was the anchoring of the solar panels to the roof structure. By analyzing historical wind speeds, current laws and structural elements, we optimized the right balance between the number and placement of anchors and ballasts to ensure a strong yet lightweight anchoring solution. As per usual, we had the building’s structural engineer evaluate and approve the proposed solution without the need to reinforce the existing building structure. This project was made possible by our local installation and engineering partners for the electrical, mechanical and structural components.