More than ever, Hydro-Québec, the borough of Saint-Laurent and Rematek Énergie are counting on the exceptional potential of industrial rooftops to contribute to the production of renewable energy.


Saint-Laurent proposes a bold plan to mobilize its industrial leaders.

In this article, Mayor Alan DeSousa of the Borough of Saint-Laurent praises solar technology and talks about his local project.

In it, the Borough of Saint-Laurent proposes a bold plan to mobilize the leaders of its industries to participate in the collective effort by installing solar panels on their roofs.

Rematek Énergie partnered with the Borough of Saint-Laurent in their first solar pilot project on the borough’s roofs. Rematek Énergie has long believed that the roofs of commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings are under-utilized and can contribute greatly to the creation of electricity through the installation of solar panels on existing structures.

In its 2035 action plan tabled last week, Hydro-Québec also promotes self-generation by customers, and plans to integrate new solar energy and battery storage into the grid to the tune of several hundred megawatts by 2035.


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PHOTO : Ashley Field/CTV Saskatoon




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