Social engagement


As well as taking part in numerous sustainable development projects, Rematek Energy has made the commitment to use the latest technological advances to limit the environmental impact of its commercial activities and to promote a social responsibility policy to ensure the integrity, professional ethics and well-being of its employees. For us, social justice requires a sound environment on all levels!

Rematek Energy social responsibility priorities:

  • To promote energy efficiency and reduce environmental footprint of our products and services.
  • To offer an advantageous employee social benefit program.
  • To establish a high level of professional ethics in all internal and external relationships.
  • To harmonize purchasing with suppliers to reduce transportation impacts.
  • To promote diversity and respect of other co-workers.

Programs implemented to this day:

  • Recycling of computers and other electronics components (visit
  • Recycling of pop cans.
  • Recycling bins in every office.
  • Shipping box recycling program.
  • Lights and computers to be turned off every day.
  • Recyclable source of office supplies, when available.
  • Promote local purchasing when possible.
  • Consolidate purchasing to limit frequent transportation.
  • Flexible employee work hours.

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